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Jilliene Mckinstry is an author in the Pacific Northwest. Published  in both contemporary and historical romance, the common denominator in Jilliene's work is humor. She  has published two novels, "Best of Friends" and "The Lady Faith". Her third novel, "Heat Transfer", about a brilliant rocket scientist and the sexy lavender farmer who makes her crazy is coming  soon.

Jilliene has also published extensively in Star Trek fan fiction and loves a good adventure. After an exciting career as a television news photographer, JIlliene now works in academia where that sense of humor is more important than ever.


Patrick Lawrence is a man living on borrowed time. He's been inflicted with the McKenzie Man Curse and now he needs the love and support of all his friends. What he also needs is a little less love and support from the single women in town. 

Devon Kelly thinks it is amusing when her best friend is chosen as the McKenzie Man, the town’s most eligible bachelor.  It doesn’t bother her that the Curse is famous for landing every McKenzie Man in Holy Matrimony almost immediately.  At least she doesn’t think it bothers her until his beautiful assistant seems interested in more than just working together.  Their friends and family watch as these two best friends battle the Curse, and the inevitable. 

A confirmed bachelor, a meddling cat and a curse. What could possible go wrong?


Life has been good to Ian and Jonas, blessing them with a successful company, beautiful families and a steadfast friendship for more than thirty years.  When Ian fathered three girls to match Jonas’ three boys, it seemed the most sensible idea in the world that the children should marry.  Sensible until Faith and Justin, the eldest, are ready to marry.  Then, all bets are off as these two decide they have plans of their own that don’t include marrying each other.

It will take a mythical fish, a ship’s cat and all the maneuvering their meddling families can come up with before these two headstrong people realize they were meant for each other.  Add a dangerous arsonist to the mix and it will take a miracle for Ian and Jonas to keep from ruining everything as they try to keep their “Faith Alive”.  This story is the first of three about sisters Faith, Mercy and Patience and the brothers they love.

Three sisters, three brothers, three arranged marriages. How hard can it be? Very, very hard.


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Since losing her beloved grandmother, Leslie is keeping busy with her landscaping business, good friends, and avoiding as many holiday celebrations as she can. After all, Gram had been the world’s best Christmas angel and now, nothing about the holidays seems the same.

Dan Lawrence has become one of Leslie’s best friends this year, helping her have fun again even though he annoys her in so many ways. With a winter storm approaching, a frightened stray cat will barge into her life and her heart. It’s the season for love and Winnie the cat (with a little help from Dan) is about to show Leslie that Christmas is a perfect time to be Home for the Holidays.

** This short story is part of the McKenzie Man series and comes before "Best of Friends". This story also sets up "Trust Me", Dan and Leslie's story, coming in 2019!

For more of the McKenzie Man series, check out "Best of Friends" on Amazon. Available in paperback and Kindle ebook! 

When the sheriff hires a gorgeous new deputy, everyone is excited except his partner. Patricia Jordan knows there aren’t any good reasons why a cop would move from the big city to a dying town near the Canadian border. Then the new deputy’s first day begins with a missing woman and ends with not one but two mysteries. Jordan, Tony and his dorky black lab must work quickly to find the lost hiker, but what about that 100-year-old purse the searchers found in the woods? Is it somehow connected?

Before the sun sets, it’s clear neither the deputy nor his dog is who they appear to be. It’s also more excitement than Selkirk, Washington has seen since the Great Dog Sled Debacle. Murder, a quirky small town, a dog who flunked the police academy and a deputy with a mysterious past. It’s definitely not a typical day and Jordan’s not sure who she should be more worried about, the ladies in town or the deputy who isn’t nearly as useless as he seems.

In Plain Sight. A Selkirk Mystery novella (20,000 words). Available soon on Amazon!


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