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Leslie and Dan have spent years as friendly sparring partners but when a stray cat adopts Leslie for Christmas, it may just be the nudge they need to grow closer.

This short story (8000 words) is now on Amazon.com.

This is part of the McKenzie Man series, featuring the men who have been "cursed" with Eugene, Oregon's Most Eligible Bachelor title by a local magazine. The title has the most astonishing effect on its recipients: They end up "taken" practically before the local betting pools can begin. 

This series of sweet romances includes humor, family, friendship and of course, furballs.

A Home for the Holidays precludes Devon and Pat's story in Best of Friends, and includes a sneak peak at Leslie and Dan's story, Trust Me, coming in 2019.


Life has been good to Ian and Jonas, blessing them with a successful company, beautiful families and a steadfast friendship for more than thirty years.  When Ian fathered three girls to match Jonas’ three boys, it seemed the most sensible idea in the world that the children should marry.  Sensible until Faith and Justin, the eldest, are ready to marry.  Then, all bets are off as these two decide they have plans of their own that don’t include marrying each other.

It will take a mythical fish, a ship’s cat and all the maneuvering their meddling families can come up with before these two headstrong people realize they were meant for each other.  Add a dangerous arsonist to the mix and it will take a miracle for Ian and Jonas to keep from ruining everything as they try to keep their Faith Alive.  This story is the first of three about sisters Faith, Mercy and Patience and the brothers they love. Buy on Amazon!


Coming Soon!!

Victoria Toring has already had a tough week when she rolls into the tiny North Idaho town of Huckleberry and announces she needs a man.  She has to explain, not just any man, but the reclusive Dr. Michael Carlton, one of the most brilliant minds on the planet.  Victoria needs him to work on a project at her think tank in Arizona.  Without him, her latest discovery will be given to a colleague and she will be watching her dream project from the sidelines. 

The problem is, Dr. Carlton doesn’t want to be found and the ensuing battle of cat and mouse in a town full of people trying to protect their favorite son’s identity will push Victoria to her limits. Then there’s Bud, the brilliant scientist’s cousin. The gorgeous lavender farmer thinks it’s a waste of time looking for answers to life’s big questions in the sky when there’s plenty to see all around her.

Then Victoria’s loyal graduate students arrive to support “Team Toring”, and things get really out of hand. When a brilliant scientist with a million questions meets a gorgeous lavender farmer with all the answers, she just might solve the Theory of Everything.

Patrick Lawrence is a man living on borrowed time.  He’s been inflicted with the McKenzie Man Curse and now he needs the love and support of all his friends.  What he also needs is a little less love and support from the single women in town.

Devon Kelly thinks it is amusing when her best friend is chosen as the McKenzie Man, the town’s most eligible bachelor.  It doesn’t bother her that the Curse is famous for landing every McKenzie Man in Holy Matrimony almost immediately.  At least she doesn’t think it bothers her until his beautiful assistant seems interested in more than just working together.  Their friends and family watch as these two best friends battle the Curse, and the inevitable. 

A confirmed bachelor, a meddling cat and a curse. What could possible go wrong? Buy on Amazon!


Are We There Yet?

 Come on a journey with the award-winning writers of the Spokane Fiction Writer's Group on our second annual short story anthology. This year's theme is Road Trip, and you'll go on journeys of wonder, adventure, betrayal, and romance. Your travel partners include zombies, superhumans lost in space, killers, lovers, and so many others. 

 Bored in Space by Jilliene McKinstry

 When John transported his wounded lover onto the prototype spaceship, he thought it was a quick trip; just a chance to stabilize her before returning to somewhere on Earth where their enemies couldn’t find them. Instead, the ship had blundered through a wormhole and landed in what appeared to be the Andromeda Galaxy. 

 Now John has a failing ship, a beautiful but bored lover and a crew of psychos ready to tear each other apart. When his best friend suffers a catastrophic injury, the crew will take their first steps to becoming a family… and survival.  Buy on Amazon!